2 x 600W amplification
2 x 15" JBL Eons
2 x Lighting posts
1 x Mirror Ball
Dual deck CD player
1000W of lighting
1000's of CD tracks
Space required (max) =
H2.0m x W2.0m x D1.5m
1 x 240VAC, 13A socket must be avaialbe.

Key Features

Our Standard Disco was created to be very small in size to allow it to fit into the smallest of venues. In fact it has been used in living rooms and dining rooms - that's how compact it is.

With a compact set of lighting equipment mounted on 2 adjustable T-Bar stands, each featuring 500watts of lighting power, a classic mirror ball with and 2 light boxes, the effect is impressive in smaller venues.

The sound system is based around 2 x 15" JBL Eons - compact, with plenty of sound quality and punch. Each Eon has a 600 watt amplifier fed from the CD deck mixer.

Add 1000's of tracks on CD and you have the perfect sytem for compact, limited space venues or rooms.

Of course if you are looking to fill a larger room, then why not checkout our Silver or Platinum discos?

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Details of the Standard Disco

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